Pawlenty on Coleman's next move: A legal fight is a good option

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty chimed in on the Norm Coleman and Al Franken battle for the open Senate seat. The recount has been unusually complex, he says, and a legal confirmation of the results would help ensure the state that the recount was fair.

The state Canvassing Board certified the vote total yesterday, putting Franken in the lead by 225 votes. Coleman is expected to file an election contest today, which would stop state officials from signing Franken into office until it was resolved. There are still some votes Coleman thinks shouldn't have been counted and others he would like to add to the final tally. 
More from Minnesota Public Radio:
Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the recount has been unfortunately complex, and the Republican governor also a sees a court challenge as a viable option to clarify the result. 
"We need to make sure that we have a result that reflects integrity, reflects accuracy and reflects a fairness that people can say, 'Yeah, it was a close call, was a tough fight, it took longer than we wanted,' but in the end we can all look each other in the eye and say it was a fair process," said Pawlenty.
We are glad to see Pawlenty taking the high road on this one and staying neutral on the recount. A court battle could further ensure that what the Canvassing Board did was fair and bi-partisan and would hopefully eliminate any concerns about Franken "stealing" the election. Fight it to the death Coleman!