Pawlenty knocked out in NPR March Madness upset

Pawlenty knocked out in NPR March Madness upset

Alright, who is going to cry foul in this one? There's gotta be some ballot stuffing going on. Our Midwest mullet darling wasn't supposed to die out like this.

In National Public Radio's 2012 GOP March Madness ballot, No. 2 seed Gov. Tim Pawlenty was knocked out in the Elite 8 round by No. 8 seed Jim DeMint.

What an upset. Not to mention DeMint totally slaughtered him in the votes.

Well, cross Pawlenty off the 2012 list, folks. It's over.

DeMint, a freshman senator from South Carolina, beat Pawlenty 66-33.

Even with Pawlenty out of the running, you can still play along. Vote in the Final 4 over at NPR's bracket.

Do you think Pawlenty cares about the bracket now? Perhaps he is weeping at the dinner table just like he did when McCain dumped him for Sarah Palin. Sad days ahead for T-Paw.

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