Pawlenty just like Shrek's Donkey?


On Sunday, Nick Coleman wrote a piece on the Opinion page about Gov. Tim Pawlenty's attempt to be the next president. Unfortunately his attempt has been all too obvious and borderline pathetic as of late.

Almost like Donkey from Shrek, right?

The ruckus had nothing to do with Pawlenty, who is sporting a new Huckabee haircut these days, peddling a Palinesque message with 50 percent less bombast and springing up and down in the back of every gathering of Republican presidential candidates like the Eddie Murphy-voiced donkey in "Shrek": Pick me! Pick me!
The Democrats couldn't resist the great imagery and have no created a web video using Coleman's quotes.

Check it out below.

The "Pick me!" quote:


The Democratic video against Pawlenty: