Pawlenty hints at running for a third term

Tim Pawlenty got pretty close to announcing a third run for governor during a KSTP interview, but still hasn't made it official. 

Could Pawlenty be the first Minnesota governor to run for and win three four-year terms in office?

At least we know he will run later this year... with his sexy earbuds in.

Here is the video of

KSTP's interview

For the lazy, here is what he said: 
"We're in challenging times. I think I have a lot energy and a lot of ideas for this position. I'm interested in continuing in this position... I enjoy it and we're doing everything to get ready to prepare to run for 2010, but I haven't made a final decision on that." 

More clues: His campaign committee announced $750,000 raised in 2008. A SurveyUSA poll this week puts his approval rating at 53 percent. That's a pretty impressive approval rating for a Republican this year also battling a terrible economy.

In other Pawlenty running news, he announced that he will participate in Grandma's Marathon. He decided to run after the marathon changed their rules on headphones for runners, the Pioneer Press says.

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