Pawlenty gets bad news, Powell ringing endorsement in new Zogby poll

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's vice presidential momentum, stalled by the recent return to prominence of Mitt Romney, is dealt another blow in Zogby's latest poll released this morning. Every single group polled -- Republicans, Independents, likely voters -- said they'd be less likely to vote for John McCain if Tim Pawlenty were on the ticket.

There are other intriguing elements to this survey, for Republicans and Democrats alike. The most fascinating is how high Colin Powell flies as a potential Obama VP.

The usual suspects -- Romney, Mike Huckabee -- show up as the most appealing candidates to likely Republican voters. Dark horse Joe Lieberman is in the same boat as Hillary Clinton, with high favorables in some quarters coming at the expense of vicious loathing in other. 20 percent of likely voters say Lieberman would entice them, but 17 percent say he'd turn them off. The numbers are 30 and 25, respectively, for Clinton.

Candidates like Romney and Huckabee have much higher net positives than Lieberman and Clinton. But they have nothing on Colin Powell.

While just 10% of likely voters said the selection of Powell would make them less likely to vote for Obama - giving him a net positive of 32% - Obama's former challenger for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, fared less positively overall. Even though 30% of likely voters would be more likely to support Obama with Clinton on the ticket, 25% would be less likely - giving Clinton just a 5% net positive rating among likely voters.

Huck and Mitt have net positives that are significant, too, at 14 and 15 percent. But thirty-two? A Powell candidacy is more than twice as likely to encourage likely voters than the nearest comparable candidate.

This doesn't consider important factors like swing states, of course. It's interesting, though, that America isn't just proving we're ready for a black president -- we're ready for two black men on the same ticket.

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