Pawlenty elected to Republican Governors Association post


Gov. Tim Pawlenty won another top spot in the governor's ring today, boosting his national profile for a possible presidential run.

Pawlenty was elected vice-chairman of the Republican Governors Association today. He will help the 39 Republican gubernatorial candidates in the next two years of elections.

But we all know Pawlenty just loves the spotlight.

The association's president, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, said he is a strong leader because of his ability "to win in a so-called purple state."

More from the Star Tribune:

In a prepared statement, Barbour added, "Pawlenty has been a leader in the effort to grow the Republican Party beyond our traditional base while remaining true to our principles." He also cited Pawlenty's history of budget cutting and his hard line against raising taxes, hallmarks of his two terms as governor.

In prepared remarks release by the governors association, Pawlenty was quoted as saying, "electing fiscally responsible governors is the most important task facing our party between now and the end of 2010. Winning these races is key to rebuilding the GOP and strengthening our economy."

Pawlenty can yet again thank South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for his missteps that led to Pawlenty's elevation in the list of possible 2012 candidates. The position opened up after Sanford stepped down as RGA president when he was busted having an extramarital affair. Barbour moved up to his spot, opening up the vice-chairman position for Pawlenty.