Pawlenty doesn't care about the 2012 GOP bracket

Pawlenty doesn't care about the 2012 GOP bracket
Photo by Jim Greenhill

Earlier this week we reported on the National Public Radio GOP bracket for the 2012 presidential candidate. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is in the Sweet 16, but apparently he doesn't really care.

The Pioneer Press asked him about the bracket and he said he didn't even know it existed. While we would love to trust our wonderful governor, we kind of suspect he's already filled one out himself and sees T-Paw making it to the finals. It's an embarrassing thing to admit, we know.

But either way, how does he think he would stack up against Newt Gingrich?

Pawlenty's reaction to bracket and running up against Gingrich:

"National Public Radio has a GOP bracket? I'm shocked...If it were a basketball game, I'd be very comfortable with the outcome of that contest...given its what it is who knows."

And just for good measure, would you mind announcing your 2012 interest right now?

"I'm really not focused on those things. I just got back from Ft. Lewis and we've got soldiers going off to war. We've got deployments coming up the next two weekends in a row. We've got brave and courageous Minnesotans who are going out and are laying their lives on the line for us. And we need to stay focused on saying than you to them and making sure they have all that they need do their mission. We are in the middle of a flood that could be of a historic nature and we need to make sure we are deal with those issues. We have a historic budget deficit we need to resolve by May. That's enough for this week. I don't need to worry about NPR brackets"

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