Pawlenty compares GOP to Eminem during Bruno ass-encounter


Gov. Tim Pawlenty knows exactly how to create a beautiful image in our minds. Whether it's the GOP's constant effort/fail to "relate" to the young kids or just a really bad comparison on his part, Pawlenty brought a smile to our faces this morning. And for that we thank him.

While speaking to the College Republicans National Convention this weekend in Washington, D.C., he managed to compare the GOP's current state to that of Eminem during his stunt with Sacha Baron Cohen's character Bruno during the MTV Movie Awards. In other words, the GOP has Bruno's ass in its face and they are pissed. But it was planned, so what does that mean? What he was trying to say was Eminem was pissed and had to "regroup" from the situation, just like the Republicans.

From National Journal:

Opening his remarks with a reference to NBC's "Inside the Obama White House" special, Pawlenty told the gathering of about 200 students, "I haven't seen something that staged since that half-naked Austrian fell onto the face of Eminem at the MTV music awards."

"Eminem was mad," he continued, to laughter and applause. "And so, just like Eminem getting dumped on, we've got to kind of regroup. We've got to continue to fight. And we've got some things worth fighting for."

Avoiding future ass-drops by Cohen would probably be a good thing.

Watch the clip from the awards show:

While some believed it was unplanned and Eminem's anger was legitimate, he later confirmed it was a planned stunt for the show.