Pawlenty chides Obama for not denouncing Libya violence that Obama already denounced

Obama denounced Muammar al-Gaddafi last week.
Obama denounced Muammar al-Gaddafi last week.

Tim Pawlenty issued a scornful statement today condemning President Barack Obama for not denouncing the recent violent clampdown on anti-government protesters in Libya.

Maybe T-Paw wasn't paying attention, running from one tea party to another, but Obama has already done that. And he did it again today.

Here's what Obama said Friday:

I am deeply concerned by reports of violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen. The United States condemns the use of violence by governments against peaceful protesters in those countries and wherever else it may occur. We express our condolences to the family and friends of those who have been killed during the demonstrations. Wherever they are, people have certain universal rights including the right to peaceful assembly. The United States urges the governments of Bahrain, Libya and Yemen to show restraint in responding to peaceful protests, and to respect the rights of their people.

Here's what Pawlenty said today in a post on his Facebook page:

Pawlenty on Facebook
Pawlenty on Facebook
"Now, the Libyan people have taken to the streets to free themselves from the despotic reign of Muammar al-Qaddafi and peaceful protesters have been literally gunned down. Yet the President remains silent, unwilling or unable to speak with moral clarity about America's interest in supporting the aspirations of all who seek freedom. The leader of the United States should never leave those willing to sacrifice their lives in the cause of freedom wondering where America stands. It is time for the administration to use all tools at its disposal to pressure al-Qaddafi to stop the violence and to step down. The Libyan people don't have time to wait."

What part of "condemns the use of violence" doesn't T-Paw understand? Maybe the world's just too complicated.

Update: Obama issued his second condemnation of the Libyan violence this afternoon:

The United States also strongly supports the universal rights of the Libyan people. That includes the rights of peaceful assembly, free speech, and the ability of the Libyan people to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. They are not negotiable. They must be respected in every country. And they cannot be denied through violence or suppression.

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