Pawlenty can't resist kicking Huckabee's coffin


Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has seen his promising presidential bid implode after it was revealed he pardoned a four-time cop-killer.

The man most likely to benefit: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who comfortably fits into Huckabee's role as "dull white guy" and plausible alternative to Crazy Sarah Palin.

So we shouldn't be surprised T-Paw was eager to talk about Huckabee's misfortunes.

He also echoes Dick Cheney and calls Obama's policies "misguided and dangerous." Then T-Paw, who had been rather forward thinking on Global Warming, walks back his previous acknowledgement of scientific evidence.

As noted by Polinaut, Pawlenty appeared on Laura Ingraham's show Monday. When he was asked about Huckabee, T-Paw drew a sharp line of distinction to let everybody know he never pardoned any cop-killers--or anybody else for that matter--when she pressed if he would have pulled a Huckabee.

"No, on those facts, no I would not," T-Paw batted the softball. "And in Minnesota I don't think I've ever voted for clemency. We've given out pardons for things after everybody has served their term, but gaain usually for more minor offenses, but clemency certainly not or commutation of sentence certainly not."

Well played, T-Paw. Well played.