Pawlenty calls out Chris Matthews's 'Man-Crush' on Obama


Fresh off his speech in San Diego, Governor Tim Pawlenty began testing out quotes on the national media. One of the very best of his quotes called out MSNBC's Chris Matthews. It was a bit of rhetorical magic, saying that the motor mouthed news man's crush on Obama is the only thing rising faster than government spending.

The entire clip can be viewed over at Real Clear Politics.

But it gave us time to think about writing canned quotes.

You can do it too. 

Just start off with:

The only thing rising faster than government spending is:

Then add in your one-liner.

1. Matthews' raging hardballs for Obama.

2. The hit count on St. Paul's wedding video.

3. Chris Brown's Resurrection. (Thanks to the St. Paul wedding video.)

4. The veracities of Jose Canseco.

5. Percent of college grads moving back in with their parents.

Easy as punch.