Pawlenty believes there could be death panels in 10 years


We used to respect Gov. Tim Pawlenty for his ability to talk reasonably, keep his mouth shut on overly controversial topics and generally represent himself as a decent Republican on national TV. We'd admit he did a pretty good job staying mostly in the middle during the Senate recount. Now we're starting to wonder what happened to good old T-Paw from Minnesota.

Last week, he took a stand against President Obama's speech to students, calling it uninvited and being forced into schools. He was even concerned that letters from children sent to the president could be compiled into some sort of database for indoctrination.

Now Pawlenty is a borderline deather. He appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe to talk about Obama's health care reform plan and got on the topic of death panels. He didn't exactly deny that they could happen. He admitted the current bill wouldn't create death panels, but they could be happening in 10 years to help lower costs.

"Now does the bill say there's death panels? No. Does the bill say that somebody's actually going to, you know, say you have to live or die? No," said Pawlenty. "But the indirect concerns that I'm raising, and others have raised, are not irrational. So we can have an informed, reasonable debate about that without one side or the other just calling each other names."
Watch the clip below.