Pawlenty: Bachmann's record of accomplishment is "nonexistent"

If he's going down, he's taking Bachmann with him.

If he's going down, he's taking Bachmann with him.

If Tim Pawlenty's campaign is doomed, at least he's going down swinging.

In his Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, T-Paw defended his own campaign, which many have declared hopeless. When he got the chance, he took a shot at Michele Bachmann, who's drowned Pawlenty out in recent weeks.

"[Bachmann]'s beating you in the polls, she's got more traction coming out of that recent debate and in Iowa," host David Gregory said, as Pawlenty blinked hard and waited for his opening. "What makes you different than Congresswoman Bachmann?"
"Her record of accomplishment in Congress is nonexistent," Pawlenty said. "It's nonexistent."

While obituaries about Pawlenty's campaign are filling newspapers and websites, T-Paw is fighting back -- in the same interview, he touted his "record of toughness," and again took credit for shutting down the state government in 2005.

Still, his toughness wasn't all that tough on Sunday: When Gregory asked if he wanted to call some of Bachmann's statements "too controversial," Pawlenty hedged, and retreated to his talking points. Oh well. Baby steps, Tim.

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