Pawlenty angers transgender group with Newsweek comments

That "most intriguing" Newsweek with Tim "nobody knows who I am" Pawlenty has seriously pissed off a national transgender rights organization with his assertion that little kids are going to be "confused" because of legislation he once signed.

"When asked by Newsweek how his views have evolved over time, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (and possible GOP 2012 Presidential candidate) responded by turning his back on the anti-discrimination ordinance he himself had voted for in 1993," says a post on the National Center for Transgender Equality's blog. (Hat tip Minnesota Independent.)

Here's the Newsweek exchange:

To borrow a phrase, have your views evolved over time?

In 1993 I voted for a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in public accommodation, housing, and employment. That was 16 years ago.

Yes, gay-rights activists regarded you as a pretty cool guy at the time.

We overbaked that statute, for a couple of reasons. If I had to do it over again I would have changed some things.


That statute is not worded the way it should be. I said I regretted the vote later because it included things like cross-dressing, and a variety of other people involved in behaviors that weren't based on sexual orientation, just a preference for the way they dressed and behaved. So it was overly broad. So if you are a third-grade teacher and you are a man and you show up on Monday as Mr. Johnson and you show up on Tuesday as Mrs. Johnson, that is a little confusing to the kids. So I don't like that.

Pawlenty "is willing to use children as a shield from criticism for his change in position about anti-discrimination legislation. What cynical maneuvering on his part," the NCTE statement says.

Yes, T-Paw keeps pitching to the right.

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