Pawlenty and Bachmann compete for last place in GOP poll

In his "I'm running for president" interview with Piers Morgan, Tim Pawlenty said he wasn't troubled by a new CNN poll showing Donald Trump leading the field of potential GOP White House contenders.

"I'm just getting known, Piers," Pawlenty said. "So our trajectory is kind of a tortoise and hare strategy."

The hare's still winning.

Public Policy Polling is out with a new national survey of Republican voters that shows Pawlenty, along with Michele Bachmann, fighting it out for a last-place tie in the GOP field.

  • Donald Trump: 26 percent
  • Mike Hickabee: 17 percent
  • Mitt Romney: 15 percent
  • Newt Gingrich: 11 percent
  • Sarah Palin: 8 percent
  • Ron Paul: 5 percent
  • Tim Pawlenty: 4 percent
  • Michele Bachmann: 4 percent
Donald Trump plays the hare ... with that hair.
Donald Trump plays the hare ... with that hair.

After all his crazy campaign videos, and treks back and forth across the country courting tea partiers, he still manages just 4 percent? We'd tell him to drop his anti-birther rhetoric and join The Donald on the conspiracy theory circuit if we thought it would help. But here's the thing: Bachmann's already doubled down with the birthers, and she's doing no better for it.

Besides, it barely helps either of them if Trump is taken out of the PPP equation. In that scenario, Huckabee leads the field with 22 percent, while T-Paw and Bachmann each tick up to 8 percent, climbing out of the basement and making room for Haley Barbour and his grand total of 3 percent.

For what it's worth, PPP surveyed voters of all political persuasions in March and found that President Barack Obama led all his potential GOP challengers in hypothetical one-on-one races. Trump wasn't part of the picture, so the nearest challenger to Obama was Huckabee, who trailed 43-48 percent.

PPP didn't even bother counting Pawlenty and Bachmann in that survey. But PPP is generally regarded as Dem-leaning outfit, so make what you will of those findings.

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