Paul Zunker, Republican Party operative, had "significant relationship" with child in molestation charges

Paul Zunker, before his downfall.

Paul Zunker, before his downfall.

More information has emerged in the case of Paul Zunker, the Carver County Republican chairman facing criminal charges for molesting a minor.

Zunker is specifically charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree where the defendant has a "significant relationship" to the victim, in this case a minor under 16.

According to the Carver County Attorney's Office,  the term "significant relationship" means the victim in the case is either a blood relative or a minor living in the same house, which adds another disturbing element to an already disturbing case. On Twitter, Zunker identifies himself as a "Christian, husband, Dad."


The complaint, as we noted yesterday, details disgusting child abuse: Zunker fondled his victim's chest and laughed when she asked him to stop.

When sheriff's deputies and child protective services officials asked Zunker why he did it, he said it was because "it made him feel good." He confessed to regularly molesting the minonr for about a year, according to the complaint.

Zunker also confessed to investigators that he would rub the victim's legs and "move his hand up her leg," but explained that he "only touched the top of her vaginal area, over her clothing, and never between her legs."

Zunker has not been taken into police custody. The criminal complaint orders him to appear before the court on September 16 to answer the county's allegations. Zunker's telephone line is dead and his cell phone was off when City Pages called him. Zunker also did not respond to requests for comment via email.


Paul Zunker, Carver County Republican chairman, charged for molesting minor