Paul Zunker, ex-Carver County GOP chair, guilty of molesting minor

Former Carver County Republican Party chairman Paul Zunker pled guilty this week to second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Zunker was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor last fall. Zunker allegedly groped his victim's chest and "laughed" when she asked him to stop, which we reported in an earlier story.

The ex-GOP bigwig confessed to a child protection worker that he molested his victim, whom he had a "significant relationship" with, "at least one time per week." That conduct got him banned from the family church.

When investigators confronted Zunker about his activities last year, he told them he molested the minor "because it made him feel good."

Zunker also said he "only touched the top of her vaginal area, over her clothing, and never between her legs."

Under the plea agreement, Zunker has been sentenced to 90 months in jail, which has been stayed in favor of 180 days work release and 15 years of supervised probation. He also has to register as a sex offender.

The court forbade him from having contact with the victim and his biological children until a therapist allows it. He's not allowed unsupervised contact with female minors, and he must attend and complete a sex offender treatment program.

The judge also forbade him from porn, alcohol, and the Internet "without approval" and "use monitoring software."

Before his arrest, Zunker identified himself as "Christian, husband, Dad" on Twitter. It has since been deleted.

Hat tip to the Brick City Blog.

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