Paul Ryan's Iowa State Fair speech gets messy as protesters are hauled away [VIDEO]

Ryan asked if there were any Packers fans in the house. This is the response he got.
Ryan asked if there were any Packers fans in the house. This is the response he got.

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Paul Ryan's first solo appearance as Mittens' VP candidate got a little heated, but the Wisconsin congressman handled the warmth of the kitchen with apparent aplomb.

Ryan's Iowa State Fair speech was interrupted by a number of protesters, some of whom were hauled away by authorities. Others, however, continued to yell and scream right in front of Ryan as he tried to speak. Supporters held up Romney signs to block the protesters from view as Ryan somehow continued his remarks.

Here's a transcript, followed by the footage:

Are there any Packers fans here? [Cheers] Alright, cool! Hey everybody, how are you doing? Thanks so much. What a beautiful day to be at the State Fair. We have fairs-- do you have wristband day here? That's a favorite day for my kids because wristband day you can buy a wristband and ride all the rides with just one wristband for the whole day. So it's just a suggestion from a Wisconsinite to a neighboring Iowan -- have wrist band day, alright, your kids will love it.

You know, I heard that Barack Obama is beginning his bus tour today. [Boos] And I heard he wasn't going to come to the Iowa State Fair. I think it's--[Protesters start to yell] I think it's become-- so-- ah, you know what? It's funny. It's funny because Iowans and Wisconsinites we like to be respectful of one another and peaceful with one another and listen to each other-- [Gestures toward protesters] These ladies must not be from Iowa or Wisconsin. [Protestor lunges for the stage, gets hauled away] Like I said, she must not be from Iowa.

Hey, alright! My guess is the reason President Obama isn't making it here from Council Bluffs is because he only knows left turns. [Laughter] But as you see the President come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question that I'm getting asked from people all around America, and that is, where are the jobs Mr. President? [Applause] Now, one thing we've gotta get, one thing we've gotta get straight is we're not growing this economy like we need to. We're not creating jobs like we can in America. And that is why Mitt Romney and I have a plan for a stronger middle class to get this country back on track, get this country growing jobs again, and get us back on the path to prosperity in this country! [Applause]

The Washington Post provides some more information about the protesters:

But no sooner than Ryan took the stage than a small group of protesters at the front of the crowd - some holding Romney signs - began yelling at the newly-minted vice-presidential candidate.

"Are you going to cut Medicare?" a woman a few yards in front of Ryan screamed. Soon after, a few women attempted to storm the stage, yelling and climbing on top of the bales of hay in front of it before they were ushered away...

"Stop the war on the middle class!" yelled an older, bespectacled man with a white beard.

Chaos erupted at the front of the crowd, and several Romney supporters rushed to where the man was standing and held up Romney signs in an attempt to block him from yelling down Ryan.

"Just laugh at him," one woman told a friend who had begun yelling back at the man.

"Jesus," another woman sighed.

Through it all, Ryan maintained his cool - even though his remarks were drowned out for those at the front of the crowd by all of the shouting.

So Ryan regards Wisconsin as some sort of bastion for tolerant politics? If Mitt hoped the his VP choice would make him seem less out of touch, there might've been better options.

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