Paul Ryan trained for three weeks, ran Grandma's Marathon "on a whim," brother says

If Paul gets sick of politics, maybe he can become BatRyan?
If Paul gets sick of politics, maybe he can become BatRyan?

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Either lying is a genetic trait in the Ryan family, or Mitt's VP choice is the most athletic Midwest politician since former Navy SEAL Jesse the Body was romping around Minnesota's Capitol.

Because according to brother Tobin Ryan, Paul ran the 1990 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth "on a whim" after just three weeks of training.

You'll remember that Paul said last month that he ran his one and only marathon in 'two-hours and 50-something,' only to admit he wasn't telling the truth after Runner's World dug around and found out he actually finished in 4:00:01.

Deadspin's Erik Malinowski finds his jaw again on the floor as he tries to process Tobin's remarks:

So, at 20 years of age, Paul Ryan ran a marathon in 4:01:25 after three weeks of training, and then never again ran another competitive marathon. If that's true, that's astounding because a) anyone who has ever tried to run a marathon knows how insanely difficult it is, and b) anyone who has ever run a marathon is aware of the manic training schedule, often lasting for six months or so, that precedes such a feat.

And if Ryan truly did run a marathon on three weeks and just for the hell of it, why didn't he ever run another one? That would make him a virtuoso runner with innate talent who, with the proper training, could've turned into someone resembling an Olympic competitor. Didn't Paul Ryan love his country enough to compete for gold at the '92 Games in Barcelona? Obviously not.

Ryan also claims to have made 40 mountain climbs on 28 Colorado peaks -- a boast that some Democrats in the state doubt. Furthermore, he says, contra some experts, that his economic plan could balance the federal budget in 10 years. Running marathons like they're NBD, scaling mountains repeatedly, balancing debt-plagued budgets in one fell swoop... he's pretty good looking as well, with chiseled features... it gets us thinking, who's playing Batman after Christian Bale?

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