Paul Koenig loses another property to demolition


It looks like another north Minneapolis house owned by Paul Koenig is set for demolition.

Koenig was the subject of our Feb. 24 feature, "The One-Man Housing Crisis," which laid out waves of the Twin Cities landlord's failed real estate endeavors.

In 15 years, Koenig and his companies have owned more than 120 properties, many in north Minneapolis. More than 40 of those are presently in various stages of foreclosure, according to city records.

Koenig is best known for his part in the crumbled empire of cheap, factory-built homes known by those who lived through it as "the Dream Home fiasco."

Jeff Skrenes, housing director for the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council, spotted the demolition notice on 621 26th Ave. North while on a routine patrol last weekend and wrote a post about it on The Adventures of Johnny Northside blog under his pseudonym, Hawthorne Hawkman.

The property was condemned in 2007 and slated for demolition on April 2 of this year, according to Minneapolis records.

This certainly isn't the first property Koenig and his companies have lost to the wrecking ball. For more information and a Google map of properties Koenig has owned, click here.