Paul Field caught hiding camera in ladies bathroom


Home Solutions Midwest boss Paul Field told Albert Lea police, sure, he knew about the video camera hidden in a ladies room vent that transmitted to a TV set in his office, but it's not like he was recording anything with it.

"There is more to a case like this than what meets the eye," Field's lawyer -- in an interesting turn of phrase -- told the Austin Daily Herald.

Field, 62, has been charged with felony harassment and gross misdemeanor invasion of privacy in Freeborn County District Court. He's due in court for a first hearing on May 26.

The detective's report says he found the receiver in Field's office, inside an entertainment center, and connected to a television.

"When the television was turned on, it displayed images received from the remote video camera in the ceiling vent of the women's bathroom," the statement says.

A search warrant was executed on March 12. Field told Kohl he knew about the camera and had placed it in the restroom a month earlier. However, he said he had not recorded anything with it.

The Albert Lea Tribune reports that Field resigned as vice president of the Albert Lea Port Authority board in the wake of the charges.