Paul Douglas is back! In St. Cloud, at least


Lucky day for St. Cloud residents: They now have former WCCO meteorologist Paul Douglas all to themselves. At least for four minutes of the day.

Douglas has been working on his new project, WeatherNation, which hopes to use their high-tech equipment to give smaller towns their personalized weather forecasts. St. Cloud Times seems to have picked up the service, offering weather forecasts by video, presented by Douglas himself.

We missed his smooth weather chats.

Check out his videos here. (h/t MinnPost)

Douglas is clearly loving this new video format that gives him all the time in the world to talk nice and slow about the upcoming weather. The TV news weather is so rushed these days, right?

He even kept his wonky factor: He gives us the daily "Hassle Factor" depending on the conditions. You can check out his St. Cloud blog too.

Will this online and personalized weather format work or would you rather just see a nice graphic and written rundown of the upcoming days?