Paul Douglas hopes stations cut meteorologists so he makes money

Sweeps month on TV always provides really terrible stories (and some good ones) for us to point out. It's all about sucking in the viewers who can't resist the pretend drama of a TV news story. 

Well, FOX9 really did it this year. We are quite impressed. No, they didn't uncover fraud or follow a cancer-stricken child through treatment. You know what they thought would be fun? 

Hanging out with Paul Douglas. 

Fox9 did a pretty long piece just checking in on laid-off WCCO meteorologist Paul Douglas. They just, you know, wanted to see what he was doing now that he wasn't flipping out about severe weather and interrupting our evenings in front of the tube.

Check it out here

So why is this non-story so great? Let's break it down.

The site's headline for it? Catching Up With Former WCCO Meteorologist Paul Douglas. That's news? 

It's total inside baseball. Media writing about media (or media writing about media writing about media like this right now) is completely ridiculous and thus automatically great. It's even better here in Minneapolis because our city has no celebrities except people on TV news.

Douglas left WCCO in the spring. Past drama, dig it back up and people will eat it up. 

We all knew Douglas is rich as hell. Fox9 lets him rub it in. There's nothing better in a bad economy than feeling bad for laid off millionaires who are so totally over it.

Douglas wants others to be screwed like he was. His new business strategy is to get TV stations to lay off some of their meteorologists and use his new company instead. Yes, he was laid off and he wishes the same to others. 

Fox9 can't let him forget that he lost his job. Passolt: "Why do you think I survived in TV?" Ouch, we were wondering the same thing.

Passolt has Douglas reenact his days on TV, for old times sake. Playing pretend just puts salt in the wounds.