Patrick Uzalac sues Ramsey County and Sheriff for failing to treat his frostbitten feet


Here's Patrick "Dorrien" Joseph Uzalac's story: In bare feet, shorts and sweater on Jan. 9, he steps outside his New Brighton apartment for a smoke -- and locks himself out. He gathers snowballs and heaves them at windows hoping to get someone's attention, and brings the cops instead. Not good, since he has an outstanding warrant.

So it's off to Ramsey County jail for Uzulac, who by this time has been scantily clad in sub-zero weather for about 45 minutes. He has badly frostbitten feet, not that anybody knows, his lawyer says, because nobody at the jail checks his feet for about 20 hours. He gets a few painkillers. That's it.

Two days later, Uzalac is released and heads to Iowa for his mother's funeral. He stops at a hospital and ends up staying a month. The doctor tells him amputation is a possibility. Now Uzalac is suing Ramsey County, the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department, the City of New Brighton, New Brighton Police, individual officers and the nurse at the jail.

Here's the sheriff's story: For the 40 hours he was in their custody, he was given professional medical attention.

If you're in the mood for some graphic images of Uzalac's mangled feet, take a look at this video from KSTP. And there's more gory details at the Strib.