Patrick Thornton's strange Costco encounter with Denny Hecker

Finance and Commerce's Patrick Thornton asked himself a good question the other day when he ran into Denny Hecker at Costco:

What can you say to a guy who was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office, is bankrupt, is going through a very public and bitter divorce and whose family friend recently killed himself?

But then I thought about all those people who had worked for him for so long, who went weeks without paychecks and health insurance, and then one day found out they didn't have a job anymore. It was probably best I kept my mouth shut and moved along. Who knows what I would have said?

Especially given his atire:

But there he was, with I can only assume was his girlfriend Christi Rowan. Denny was dressed like a 23-year-old hipster. He wore a big puffy navy blue vest, a white sweater, expensive designer jeans that were "distressed" and "faded" in the right spots and a pair of tan Timberland boots. The woman with him was dressed in brown outfit with cowboy boots on the outside of her leggings.

It's a great column. Give it a read.

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