Patrick Thomas McHugh "snapped" and killed 3 relatives [UPDATED]

A 55-year-old man with no job, no wife and kids, and no criminal history was charged today with shooting three of his relatives dead on Friday, and wounding a fourth, in the home he shares with his 80-year-old mother in St. Paul.

Patrick Thomas McHugh "just snapped," he told investigators.

He was arrested Friday in the shooting death of his his sister, Mary Malicki, 58; her daughter, Kristy Malicki, 33; and his sister's husband, Clyde Malicki, 58. Kathleen Dorgan, another sister of McHugh's, remains hospitalized in critical condition. She faked death and called 911 after the shooting.

His mother wasn't hurt in the Munster Avenue bloodbath, but the Pioneer Press talked to McHugh's neighbors in St. Paul, and his in-laws' neighbors in Cottage Grove, and they all expressed shock -- who wouldn't? -- at the turn of events on Friday. They also described a family struggling through some tough times in the last few months. Mary Malicki and her daughter, Kristy, were diagnosed with diabetes, Clyde Malicki lost his job as a store manager when Snyder Drug Stores closed, and Kathleen McHugh, Mary Malicki's mother, had a stroke about six months ago and was being cared for by her family -- they couldn't afford nursing home costs.

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