Patrick Reusse blasts Jacob Frey for making big deal out of loud fireworks show [VIDEO]

For Reusse (left), Frey's response to Fireworks-gate would be reason enough to vote against him.

For Reusse (left), Frey's response to Fireworks-gate would be reason enough to vote against him.

-- Update including Frey's response on bottom of page two --

Star Tribune columnist and 1500 ESPN host Patrick Reusse has been going after Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey over his indignant response to the Tuesday morning fireworks show that woke up half of Minneapolis, including many residents of his ward.

The 12:30 a.m. fireworks show, which came at the tail end of an All-Star Gala that took place along the Mississippi River near the Stone Arch Bridge, violated the permit obtained by Chad Hudson Events from the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. That permit expired at midnight, meaning the show was supposed to be wrapped up by then at the latest. (You can read the entire permit on page two of this post.)

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Legalities aside, the fireworks were freakin' loud. Doubt us? Check out this video sent to us yesterday by a woman who lives across the river from where the party was happening:

Could you sleep through that?

Put it together and perhaps you can understand why Frey was "furious" about the situation, demanded (and received) an apology from the MLB, and now says he'll compensate those like the woman who shot the above video with free Twins tickets.

But Reusse's stance is that folks who live in the city shouldn't get rankled by a little noise, especially when it's part of a special event like the MLB All-Star Game.

Here's some of what Reusse's been saying on Twitter:
-- Patrick Reusse (@1500ESPN_Reusse) July 15, 2014 Reusse then took a couple direct shots at Frey: Last night, Frey extended an olive branch: Sounds like it'd make for a great segment or two on Reusse's radio show, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, to read the event permit, which contains details like the fact that Chad Hudson Events paid $22,937 to reserve Mill Ruins Park and the surrounding area for the entire day Monday, click to page two. (UPDATE -- page two now also includes response from Frey himself.)

:::: UPDATE ::::

Frey called us this morning to clarify a couple things about his problem with how the controversial fireworks show played out.

"I'm thinking about the future, and when you have these major events, you have to set some parameters," he says. "It's harder for the community to give that embrace [like they did for the All-Star Game] when they're told one thing and something else happens. When the Super Bowl comes here, I want everybody cheering, excited, and passionate."

"Just so we're aware -- they were initially talking about having the [All-Star Game] party inside the Convention Center," Frey continues. "Is the inside of the Convention Center the best way to highlight our city? I don't think so. While I love the Convention Center, I don't think that's the case, so, you know, when you have an event in an area [like Mill Ruins Park], you also need to set the parameters."

But Frey also points out he "thought the fireworks were awesome... it was an awesome weekend on the whole."

"While one thing didn't go according to plan, on the whole the Twins, the MLB, the city did an extraordinary job as hosts," he says.

And here's the aforementioned permit doc:

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board permit for July 14, 2014 All Star Game Gala by Chris Steller

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