Patrick Kelly won’t leave The Current host Mary Lucia alone

Patrick Henry Kelly, arrested twice in one year and charged with stalking the same woman.

Patrick Henry Kelly, arrested twice in one year and charged with stalking the same woman.

In early April, popular radio host Mary Lucia of 89.3 The Current let her fans in on some pretty disturbing details about her personal life. She’d been stalked and harassed by one Patrick Henry Kelly of Eden Prairie for more than a year, Lucia said, so she was going on temporary leave to deal with the stress.

Charges from last October show that Kelly’s been trying to contact Lucia since February 2014. He called and sent increasingly creepy handwritten letters to her office, quitting only when management at The Current told him to quit hassling their employee at work.

Kelly apparently took that to mean he ought to redirect the emails to Lucia’s personal email address and call her private cell, according to the criminal complaint. Lucia got a restraining order, but the stalking only intensified. Kelly started showing up at her house, hopping the fence with cards and bouquets of flowers.

"[Lucia] has been terrorized by [Kelly's] escalating behavior," according to the complaint. "The repeated contact from [Kelly] causes her to feel unsafe at her home, has caused physical symptoms such as weight loss, and has made it difficult for her to concentrate and perform her job."

Police arrested Kelly in October. His trial would be next month. In the meantime, he's been out on bail and back to his old stalking ways, according to a second set of charges recently filed.

On June 15, Kelly sent LinkedIn requests to two of Lucia’s coworkers. Within a week, he was back on her doorstep, leaving a book and a letter signed in his own name. Lucia’s home surveillance system caught him in the act.

This time, Kelly’s bail was ramped up to $100,000, and he’s in jail awaiting two separate trials. A spokesman with the Hennepin County Attorney's Office says the second set of charges will be prosecuted separately, but if he's found guilty, Minnesota sentencing guidelines will allow for him to receive more time with every mark on his criminal record.

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