Pat Sajak responds to Jason DeRusha on Twitter

Master and student: Pat Sajak and Jason DeRusha
Master and student: Pat Sajak and Jason DeRusha

That's gotta feel good. Last night, Jason DeRusha managed through Twitter to snag the attention of Pat Sajak, one of his idols while growing up.

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Although Sajak is quite active on social media, it's not everyday that the host of one of the longest-running game shows*, and a legend of TV entertainment, gets in touch. Of course, it wasn't unprovoked. 

DeRusha had been watching Wheel of Fortune when he decided to broadcast a remark from his son, Seth.

"They're getting a little old," said the eight-year-old boy, referring to 67-year-old Sajak and ageless Vanna White.

Soon Sajak had jumped into the convo to make fun of himself:

Pat Sajak responds to Jason DeRusha on Twitter

The PDA continued on Instagram, where one commenter welcomed DeRusha into the "League of Awesomeness." Another said, "You win the Internet today."

As a boy growing up in Des Plaines, Illinois, DeRusha watched plenty of daytime television and became fixated on game shows -- an artificial reality where a wit reigns supreme but often at his own expense.

DeRusha may have missed out on the chance to communicate with Sajak all those years ago, but he's not sore. In fact, he visited the set of Wheel of Fortune for a Good Question segment in 2011. Sajak was a good sport about some rather absurd questions from viewers.

Example: "Stewart wants to know, 'How have you managed to keep your hands off Vanna all these years?'"

Response: "Why does Stewart assume I have?"

Gushing, DeRusha began his live broadcast with these words: "Standing here with the Hollywood Hills behind me, spinning the Wheel of Fortune, my life does not get much better."

Maybe one day DeRusha will fulfill his dream of becoming a game show host. For now, he can take pride in the fact that he has 5,620 more Twitter followers than Sajak.

*Original post called Wheel of Fortune the longest-running game show. In fact, it's one of the longest. Our sincerest apologies to The Price is Right. May you run forever.

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