Pastor Tom Brock blamed twister on gays. Turns out, yep, he's gay

Top 5: Homophobes Who Turned Out To Be Gay

UPDATE: Outed pastor will keep job he says gays shouldn't have

Remember when a tornado struck downtown Minneapolis last year and broke the cross atop a downtown church?

Minneapolis Pastor Tom Brock made a whole bunch of waves by suggesting that the twister was God's retribution for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America voting at its national convention in Minneapolis that day to take up -- and pass -- a resolution that allows for openly gay clergy to serve as ministers.

"The apostasy is now complete" in the ELCA, he told conservative Christian radio host David Wheaton not long afterward.

So we assume he's going to step down. Because he's gay, it turns out. Lavender outed him in its most recent issue.

Here's what Brock told Wheaton:

"At 2 o'clock Wednesday was when the sex statement was scheduled to be voted on. And 2 o'clock Wednesday was when the convention center was hit by a tornado that tore off part of the roof.

"Across the street is Central Lutheran Church. Very The cross was torn down from its steeple, and the tents that were set up at Central Lutheran to serve beer -- to serve beer -- to the people attending the convention, were also torn up.

"And John Piper [of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis] prophetically said of course ... his point was this was a gentle rebuke from God that they should not go ahead and do this.

"But just to let you know how blind people are, you know what the leaders of Good Soil said? -- that's the pro-gay group. Someone asked their leader if it was a sign from the Holy Spirit that a great wind arose when the question of the social statement was taken up. And he replied, yes, it could have been just as much of as a sign as when the sun came out when the social statement passed. Talk about missing the point.

"And do you know what percentage, David, by which this sex statement passed?"

"By one vote, wasn't it?" Wheaton replied.

"One vote, 66.6 percent," Brock said.

The mark of the Beast!

Brock and Wheaton evidently had the inside line of which weather report truly represented God's will. You can hear them in full here. The God-inspired twister talk comes in at about 21 minutes, once you get past the scorning of women clergy.

The Lavender expose on Brock's gayness is here. And MinnPost's look at the ethics of outing Brock can be found here.

You may also recall that Rev. Piper, quoted approvingly above by Brock, announced earlier this year that he was taking a leave of absence due to failures of character.

"I see several species of pride in my soul" he said in a sermon. "I am not making peace, but war, on my own sins." His focus, he said, will be on nurturing his relationship with is wife and children.

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