Pastor Karsten Nelson prays for Vikings stadium bill at Legislature

Does god wants a new Vikings stadium?

Does god wants a new Vikings stadium?

The last time a Christian minister raised eyebrows with an invocation at the Legislature, he drew rebukes for failing to take note that Jewish lawmakers deserved as much respect as their Christian colleagues when it came time for prayer.

Now, a minister is seeking divine intervention on a matter that burns in the hearts of faithful Vikings fans everywhere: The stadium bill.

Granted, this is not a theological or First Amendment fire starter. But let's face it, football is a religion for some.


Here's was Pastor Karsten Nelson of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in East St. Paul offered this morning:

"This day, we pray for their deliberations over the budget for the state, the hopes for the transportation needs, a stadium, the racial inequalities that rest here, the needs surrounding education,"

Or, as we like to pray: "For the love of god, will you people figure out this stadium bill nonsense before we have to start saying "Los Angeles Vikings" in the same breath as "Los Angeles Lakers" and "Dallas Stars," please?

The bill is a bit of a clunker that needs all the help it can get. Or, as WCCO's Pat Kessler puts it, "a Hail Mary in order to pass."