Party update: Minn. DFL starts the boozing


City Pages has reporters stationed at parties across the metro providing firsthand accounts of the activities inside. Keep checking back to Blotter tonight for up-to-date details on the excitement.

Bradley Campbell is out at the DFL party at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul and phoned in some info.

Here is what he had to report:

Crowds are still small and most of the attendeses are getting their booze on in the hotel bar. He estimates about 60 to 70 people are there. The guests have been given three t-shirts (Obama, Franken and Madia) that they are layering so they can rip them off one after the other as the candidates come out. We are already getting turned on just thinking about the burly union men tearing their shirts off.

Campbell spoke to one of the attendees, Kevin, who said he is concerned he might sweat through all three t-shirts. Disgusting.

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak was also just spotted in the bar. He is taking it easy though and sticking to water. At least for now.