Partially nude man breaks into woman's apartment, escapes in a lady thong


After a man was busted stealing from a woman's apartment as she slept, he escaped wearing only a lady's thong, according to WCCO. Talk about creeper. Luckily he isn't still on the loose terrorizing others with his exposed flesh. Police caught up with him where he allegedly admitted to the break-in.

On Wednesday, police came to an apartment at 1401 6th St. SE after a woman called to say a partially nude man came into her bedroom while she was sleeping. She asked him who he was and the startled man ran off.

Security tapes showed Steven Whitten, 19, running from the woman's apartment in a thong. Police say he admitted that he was in the apartment earlier picking up an iPod and dropping off a key. When he came back, he admitted entering the woman's bedroom.

Whitten is being charged with first-degree burglary.