Partial Pulitzer list leaked: Strib gets no love UPDATED


The Pulitzer Prize committee, which usually leaks like a sieve, has managed to keep the nominations relatively close to the vest this year. But Editor & Publisher did manage to obtain a list of the finalists in four categories, including "Breaking News," for which the Strib was hoping to get honored for its 35W bridge coverage. Somewhere, Nancy Barnes is angry.


1. The New York Times -- Toxic Pipeline 2. Chicago Tribune -- Product Safety 3. The Denver Post -- Destruction of Evidence


1. The New York Times -- DNA 2. The Boston Globe -- Global Warming 3. The Oregonian -- Computer chips

Breaking News

1. The Washington Post -- Virginia Tech 2. The New York Times -- Bronx fire 3. Idaho Statesman -- Larry Craig

National Reporting

1. The Washington Post 2. The New York Times 3. Chicago Tribune

Update: It's official, the Strib loses to Washington Post in Breaking News, one of six Pulitzers taken home by the D.C. daily.

Confirmation neither the Strib nor Pi-Press were finalists for Breaking News category:

Also nominated as finalists in this category were: The Idaho Statesman Staff for its tenacious coverage of the twists and turns in the scandal involving the state's senator, Larry Craig, and The New York Times Staff for its swift, penetrating coverage of a fire in the Bronx that killed nine persons, eight of them children.