Park Board's Brad Bourn Snubs #Pointergate's Jay Kolls, Burns KSTP on Facebook

Bourn (left) refused an interview with Kolls (right)

Bourn (left) refused an interview with Kolls (right)

Both KSTP and its reporter Jay Kolls have made it abundantly clear they are never backing down from #Pointergate, no matter how high the public scorn and ridicule is heaped.

Yesterday Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn was the latest to pile on.

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In the comments below that post Bourn published the email exchange where he turned down the interview request from Kolls.

Mr. Kolls

Thank you for the invitation to appear on camera Monday to share my position about the proposed downtown park. I feel that your recent reporting on Mayor Hodges, your comments on Twitter following the story, subsequent "news" pieces further vilifying Navell Gordon and the digging into the personal lives of the vocal critics (Javier Morillo-Alicea) of the recent stories do not reflect the journalistic integrity that I and so many others have come to expect from KSTP and has done much to fan the flames of the racial divide in our community.


I am comfortable providing my thoughts and positions to any reputable news outlet. I must respectfully decline your invitation.

Good luck with your story.

Kolls wanted to interview Bourn about the new park in Downtown East. Bourn chose to abstain rather than vote for a tentative agreement that gives the Park Board ownership of the park, but relieves it of any financial responsibility.

Bourn also posted Kolls's response to the declined invitation:

(Paragraph breaks inserted for clarity)

Understood. But, I have to disagree. I did not vilify Mr. Gordon. By the way, his street name is "Montana TheRealChief."

Right now, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office is reviewing his most recent arrest and is considering another felony charge. I had nothing to do with that. Also, it was the opinion of three police officers, from separate agencies, not me, who questioned the Mayor's actions. It was not an editorial piece.

I did nothing to "fan the flames of racial divide in our community." Others did that, and some apparently bought into that false accusation. I am not sure what you are referring to when you say I am "digging into the personal lives of the vocal critics." Either way, the story stands and I would do it again.

If the opinions of police officers, not just in MPD, are invalid then I missed something in the world of reporting. I thought their opinions counted and should be reported. It was the mayor who chose not to address the concerns of police. Not me.

I do represent journalistic integrity. I have 33 years to prove it. If you think Navell Gordon was "vilified", you might want to do a little more research to find out the truth. Thanks.

I will continue to report on the MPRB and will still cover what the organization does with, or without, the cooperation you should bestow upon a news outlet. Not talking to a particular news outlet because you disagree with a story you had nothing to do with, does not seem to meet the highest standards of your profession.

Sincerely, Jay Kolls, KSTP-TV.

When we reached Bourn for comment yesterday he was reluctant to talk about the story or add to his criticism of KSTP.

"I'm happy to speak with any media outlet that wants to cover the Park Board, even if they write stories I disagree with, but, I mean, even your own professional organization (Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists) condemned that story."