Parents on high alert after three attempted child abductions in two weeks

Minneapolis parents are being warned to remind their kids about strangers.
Minneapolis parents are being warned to remind their kids about strangers.

Minneapolis parents are being warned to take precautions with their school-age kids after the third attempted abduction of a local teenager in two weeks.

Not one of the abductions has been successful, thanks in large part to some pretty courageous and quick behavior on behalf of the girls targeted. Minneapolis police say they have a suspect in the most recent case, which came Tuesday afternoon on the 3200 block of North 6th Street.

According to the 16-year-old victim in that case, her abductor had actually forced her into his truck. But, as he drove, the teenager found a knife in the truck and used it to fight her way to safety, the Star Tribune reports.

The other two instances are equally creepy, but spread far enough part across the city that any relation between the crimes is in doubt.

On September 15, a 12-year-old girl riding her bike at 56th Street and Chicago Avenue South was confronted by a man who ordered her to get into his van, according to the Star Tribune. Instead, she fled, and so did her potential abductor, who drove down an alley.

On Monday, a 14-year-old girl was nearly abducted on the 10th Avenue Bridge, where a man tried to grab her as she was walking home, but she, too, escaped without harm.

In response to the attempts, MPR reports, Minneapolis Public Schools has sent out a recorded message to area parents alerting them of the cases and reminding them to be cautious:

"We have recently been informed that the Minneapolis Police Department is investigating recent attempted abductions. Please take a few minutes to remind your child not to listen to, talk to, or approach strangers."

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