Parents helped son and friends build pipe bombs used to blow up mailboxes, police say

Parents helped son and friends build pipe bombs used to blow up mailboxes, police say
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There's no better family bonding than making pipe bombs together. Really makes you appreciate the circle of love you've got in your life knowing you could accidentally blow up at any moment. And then the whole blowing up property thing makes it a true criminal bonding moment.

A Prior Lake couple is accused of teaching their son and some of his friend how to make PVC pipe explosives with gunpowder. They said it was "a good educational tool." Yep, you're totally right. They sure are learning the legal system now.

The parents claim they had no idea the kids would actually use the pipe bombs later to blow up mailboxes in multiple suburbs nearby. Honestly, what fun is it having a bunch of pipe bombs sitting around not being put to good use?

Robert and Roberta Masters are charged with manufacturing explosives and aiding offenders in a felony, both felonies.

More from the Pioneer Press:

Robert Masters, 48, is suspected of accompanying his son last spring to Fleet Farm in Lakeville, where, over two visits, they bought 2 pounds of gunpowder using a credit card. The powder, which is used to arm muzzle-loading firearms, cannot be bought by anyone under the age of 18.

Masters then showed his son and his son's friends how to assemble explosives on the family's workbench, and he and his wife encouraged the teens to learn more by watching how-to videos on YouTube, according to the criminal complaints.

Not long afterward, mailboxes in Burnsville, Lakeville and Scott County began exploding.

There are five teens suspected in at least six bombings. Their attacks were random at first, but one of the teens says they started targeting people too.

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