Parbati Kalicharan stabs granddaughter over puzzle

The whole quiet-night-putting-together-a-puzzle-with-grandma scenario didn't pan out quite the way Parbati Zimmerman Kalicharan and her granddaughter might have planned: A small argument escalated into face-stabbing.

Kalicharan, 64, and her 12-year-old granddaughter were constructing a puzzle Saturday night in Apple Valley when the two started arguing, according to police.

When the granddaughter told Kalicharan to "shut up," grandma didn't take it well.

First Kalicharan flew into tantrum-mode, tearing up the puzzle box and throwing it in the garbage. When the granddaughter pleaded for her grandmother to give it back to her so she could complete the puzzle, Kalicharan ripped the box up into even tinier pieces.

Kalicharan later came at her granddaughter with a knife she had been using to cut peppers and cut her ear, according to the criminal complaint, carving out a 3/4-inch gash.

Likely in addition to generating some pretty contentious family gatherings in the future, Kalicharan is facing assault charges for the stabbing.

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