Pancake superstar Lacey appears in the NYTimes


Last April, City Pages wrote a news ballad about the humble pancake painter in the tiny town of Elko.

Dan Lacey was his name, and since our article, he continued his Gawker fame, but got a bump of a different sort: a front page name check in the New York freaking Times. Somewhere, Oolong the bunny is smiling.

In Randy Kennedy's story about the dominance of Obama's face on the internet he name checks the Gawker sweetheart and pancake genius:

Market interest has also helped small-time artists like Dan Lacey, of tiny Elko, Minn., a self-described disillusioned conservative who made a name for himself last year in the blogosphere with his inexplicably strange portraits of Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin depicted with pancakes stacked on top of their heads.

Lately, he has turned to Mr. Obama, cranking out both eBay-ready conventional portraits -- "I hate to say this, but I can do ones like that in about an hour," he said -- and even stranger works that have tended toward portrayals of the 44th president naked on a unicorn, often performing gallant deeds like wrestling a bear on Wall Street or taking the controls of the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River.

He skips over the Josephine Baker inspired MIchele Obama portrait, the one where the first lady wrestle the pink dolphin from Louisiana, to address the impact such pancake brilliance has on its owners:

Among Mr. Lacey's eBay customers are Carla Pasley, an administrator for a consumer products company in Kansas City, Mo., who said she is generally apolitical but bought an Obama portrait simply because she found it "really pretty," and Gary Rogers Wares, a manager at a stationery and gift manufacturer in Culver City, Calif., who has a gold-hued Obama in his office behind his desk and just won another one at auction for $28.

To own a piece of history, bid on Lacey's paintings via Ebay. Here's a link to his recent portrait commissioned by Gawker readers, featuring Hoda and Kathy Lee wrestling on a pancake, nude.