Pancake artist rewards Gawker obsession with personal painting


Gawker has a creepy obsession with local artist Dan Lacey and his paintings of naked Obama and random political celebs with pancakes atop their heads. 

Well Lacey knows how to work the crowd. He created a pancake painting of Gawker's Nick Denton and those bloggers couldn't be more excited. Work it, Lacey. People will get over the pancake thing eventually.

The painting is up for bidding on eBay if you even care. Current price: $10.50. It's a knock out!

Here is what Gawker had to say about it:
Lacey, our favorite American artist of the Hope Era, just finished this masterwork today. Each pancake represents one blog in Denton's buttery, syrupy media empire. The painting is now listed on eBay, at a starting bid of $0.99. How high could this work go? No amount would surprise me, frankly. It would be quite a coup for Graydon Carter or Tina Brown to have this one hanging on the office wall.