Palin signs "Going Rogue" for Bachmann saying "we love you"

As we made plain on the cover of City Pages a few weeks ago, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin do seem to have a lot in common.

Now there's something more: Bachmann has her very own signed copy of Palin's best-selling memoir, "Going Rogue," evidently obtained when the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate stopped by for a book promotion and signing event on Monday at the Mall of America.

Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok told the Strib the book was signed, "Michele, we love you."

We wonder how Palin's prose will go down next to 'Of Plymouth Plantation," Gov. William Bradford's journal of life in the Massachussetts Bay Colony, and "Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States," by the late Justice Joseph Story. Those are two of the tomes Bachmann said she was reading for inspiration when she was interviewed for a puff piece recently in MinnPost.

We're stilled bummed Palin didn't sign our cover spoof where we put Bachmann's head on Palin's body.

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