Palin-Bachmann '12 (?)

They're four syllables that elicit outrage and/or ridicule from even the most moderate of progressives. PAY-lin; BOCK-men.

We had to do a double-take after stumbling upon (via the Minnesota Independent), a website that, on first blush, appears to be advocating a nightmare ticket that would no doubt compel many a sane American to seriously consider taking up an expatriate lifestyle.


Turns out, Jeff Beatty, the site's Madison, WI-based creator, is big on irony even if it goes above the heads of some of his customers.

From MnIndy:

But some who buy his bumperstickers don't quite get it. He says he was selling the stickers at a Madison art fair and, of the $12 worth he sold, "About 1/3 ... told me I was crazy or got angry; another 1/3 laughed and the last third gave me thumbs up. One person who bought one was clearly unhappy when I disparaged Michele to someone near him."

Who knows, maybe the ticket won't seem so far-fetched in three years. As things stand right now, the hypothetical pairing is a reductio ad absurdum worthy of a few guffaws. But if the past eight years have taught us anything, it's that political satire of this kind is pretty much an obsolete artform. The reason for this is plain enough: reality has consistently proven herself to be a far zanier creature than anything any mortal could conjure. Just when you think things can't get any more bizarre, there's a presidential candidate gleefully singing about slaughtering Iranians with bombers or, on the other side of the aisle, a change-promising new president lining his economic team with the same parasitic Wall Street money-changers who've been systematically sucking the American system dry for decades.

 Laugh it up while you still can.