Paging Tim Pawlenty: get back to us with your thoughts on Obama, Cuba


When President Obama lifted certain travel restrictions to Cuba on Monday, we were naturally eager to get Gov. Tim Pawlenty's take on the matter. That's because around this time last year (seems like decades ago, doesn't it?) T-Paw vetoed a state bill that would have cleared the way for certain Minnesota ag products to be exported to the socialist island nation-- a surprising move, given his words in favor of opening up trade with Cuba months earlier.

As we reported at the time, Pawlenty's about-face on the issue struck many as an egregrious example of political maneuvering. This was when T-Paw was on the short list of likely vice-president candidates, and the idea of John McCain choosing a running mate who might appear "soft" on commies was clearly absurd--almost as absurd as giving the VP nod to a visibly imbecilic, in-over-her-head lipstick lunatic--and so (it would appear) he adjusted his position accordingly.

Alas, Pawlenty's office has not gotten back to us all week. Not even with one of those cliche-ridden prepared statements served on up on a (boiler)plate. But we're not giving up hope yet.

We realize it's not a huge-huge deal, but Gov. Pawlenty, if you're reading this (more to the point, if one of your PR flaks is), by all means, please your share thoughts on Obama's Cuba decision in the comments section below. It's fast approaching 5 p.m. on a Friday and it's 70 friggin' degrees outside. We're not going to wait by the phone any longer.