Packers RB Cedric Benson cited after his Rottweilers gnaw on neighbor's livestock

Benson's out-of-control dogs tried to eat a neighbor's calves for dinner -- 17 of them.
Benson's out-of-control dogs tried to eat a neighbor's calves for dinner -- 17 of them.

Cedric Benson had a criminal rap sheet before coming to Green Bay (check out his mugshot above from when he punched a bouncer in the face), but once he put on a Packers uniform, his criminal inclinations apparently got Weird Wisconsin in a hurry.

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According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, Benson is due in court next month for violating an ordinance prohibiting animals running at large. In December, two of his Rottweilers were found gnawing on the legs of his Maribel neighbor's livestock.

From the Press Gazette:

Charges filed by the county sheriff's department claim that Benson's dogs "Stack" and "Tina" bit 17 calves at a North Lake Drive farm on Dec. 20. A member of the farmer's family alleged that he found the dogs chewing the calves' legs, and that several suffered "very deep wounds and possibly tendon damage."

The extent of the injuries to the livestock was not clear on Wednesday, but a police report said a veterinarian who examined the animals on Dec. 20 "feels some may not make it through their injuries."

Deputies charged Benson with violating an ordinance prohibiting animals running at large, in connection with that incident. They charged him with a second such violation on Jan. 13, after receiving a complaint of dogs running loose in the neighborhood. Deputies said Benson acknowleged responsibility for the dogs and said he had been "having a hard time keeping them contained."

Another juicy tidbit comes courtesy of WBAY news (emphasis mine):

The first incident happened in September, when one of the dogs bit a worker who was installing fencing...

[Regarding the December incident involving Benson's neighbor's livestock] "Is it normal for an animal or dogs to be attacking 17 calves at one time? That's not a normal thing we see, so there is some aggressiveness there," says Manitowoc County Sheriff Robert Hermann.

Sheriff Hermann says Benson has settled this issue financially with the owners...

Each of the two citations carries a fine of $200.50, which Benson will have to pay if he chooses not to appear in court next month.

Benson is also in trouble for a speeding ticket he received earlier this month. The Press Gazette reports he was pulled over driving 41 mph over the speed limit. It was then discovered he doesn't have a valid driver's license since his Texas license had been suspended "for failing to answer a charge of being a habitual traffic offender."

Benson "had an attitude with me throughout the stop," a trooper noted in the police report.

Sounds like he'd be a good fit for the Vikings, doesn't he?

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