Packers' Clay Matthews stars in adult diaper commercial, tries on Depends [VIDEO]

Clay tries on a couple diapers. No big deal.EXPAND
Clay tries on a couple diapers. No big deal.

Sure, the Vikings suck, but at least our players don't do this.

Clay Matthews, star linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, stars in a new adult diaper ad... and even puts on a pair in front of the camera. Thankfully, Depend didn't have him try out the, um, absorbancy of their Real Fit for Men diapers during the spot.

In the commercial, after putting on a diaper, Matthews, along with NFL stars Wes Welker and DeMarcus Ware, runs a few drills, demonstrating the unobtrusive comfort of Depend Real Fit. It's something to keep in mind next time you're worried about crapping your pants while playing sports.

We like to tease, but the NFL players reportedly appeared in the spot for a good cause. $75,000 was donated to a charity of Matthews' choice in exchange for taking part in the commercial, and we assume the same offer was extended to Welker and Ware.

And aside from wearing them while playing sports, we couldn't help but think about how useful the Real Fit diapers could be for Packers fans. After all, Packers fans like to get crunk, and heeding nature's call in a pair of Depends is probably preferable to letting loose in your jeans or in one of Lambeau Field's sinks.

Without further ado, here's the commercial:

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