Packers cheerleader dissed as "fugly" on Facebook speaks out against cyber-bullying [PHOTO]

In her video, Collins thanks Bears fans for defending her against others Bears fans' insults.
In her video, Collins thanks Bears fans for defending her against others Bears fans' insults.

Former Packers cheerleader Kaitlyn Collins isn't taking insults directed toward her on the Chicago Bears Fan Facebook page lying down.

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Yesterday, Collins posted a four minute-plus video on YouTube where she speaks out against bullying in general and cyber-bullying in particular.

First, here's the post that spawned an ugly comment thread rife with derogatory remarks about Collins's looks:

As Collins discusses in her YouTube video, the insults directed toward her in that post's comment thread included "Doesn't get any uglier. Truly an eyesore," "LMAO fugly," "I'd still f*** her, but only from behind with a paper bag over her head," and so forth.

Here's a transcript of Collins's YouTube response (the raw video is also embedded below):

Facebook friends and family --

On the night of February 4, 2013, a picture of me was uploaded to Facebook. This picture was from when I was a cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers. The photo was uploaded to Chicago Bears Fan on Facebook. The caption read: "Like if you agree the Packers have the worst cheerleaders in the NFL." Most comments on the photo were too horrible to repeat, but had the same theme...

Eric Schuster -- "Doesn't get any uglier. Truly an eyesore."
Delilah Castillo -- "LMAO fugly"
Patrick Greney -- "I'd still f*** her, but only from behind with a paper bag over her head."

And so many more... but thankfully -- along with those horrible words, were words of apology and encouragement!

Dan Duffee -- "Wow... even as a bear's fan I think that was mean... She isn't ugly... and she is also someone's daughter..."
Kathy Kisa Lyons-Frumoff -- "I am a big Bears Fan, but tonight I am very disappointed. This is a low shot. She is not made up to look like a movie star, but she is a lovely young lady. It is wrong to be so cruel."

And, thankfully, many, many, many others!

So to all the Bears fans that defended me... I gladly for one night only (Still a Packer chick!) wear Blue & Orange! Thank you! From the bottom of my Green & Gold heart!

Now, there is still the matter of the picture and what it is being used to represent. Facebook has been notified BUT has found it does not qualify as bullying under their standards. The Chicago Bears Fan page has also been messaged and asked to remove the photo. The photo is still up! Please!!! Help me to get this picture taken down and horrible comments removed!!! This is bullying in its newest form. *cyber-bullying*

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system full of wonderful friends & family telling me that I AM BEAUTIFUL! What about the people who don't have that at home? What will happen when something like this happens to them?

STOP!!! Cyber-bullying and bullying in any form!!! Help me let these people know that they've messed with the wrong Wisconsin girl!

Packers guard T.J. Lang -- the same guy who had some rather colorful and profane things to say after the Packers got screwed out of a win by replacement referees back in September -- tweeted in support of Collins:

Then again, who can really be surprised that bullying is still alive and well among NFL fans?

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