Pack of wolves steal 17-year-old female hunter's deer, eat it right in front of her [PHOTO]

Jessica Saenger shot this deer, but wolves reaped the benefits. Finders keepers.
Jessica Saenger shot this deer, but wolves reaped the benefits. Finders keepers.
Submitted image via Pioneer Press

Jessica Saenger, 17, was in a deer stand near Floodwood last Saturday when a doe pranced into her field of vision. She took aim, shot what she felt was a kill shot, and watched as the deer, presumably injured, hightailed it for the woods.

After waiting in hopes the deer had indeed been shot and was bleeding out, Jessica got down from the stand. But she was in for a surprise soon after she began following the blood trail.

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"I picked up the [deer's] blood trail and all of a sudden, a wolf ran by," Saenger told the Pioneer Press. "It wasn't even 40 yards away. It scared the crap out of me."

Jessica quickly called her dad and the rest of their hunting group. After they linked up, her father said he heard a deer crying out and saw a scene creepily reminiscent of  The Grey -- four animals were gathered around the deer, including at least one wolf.

From the Pioneer Press:

Thirty minutes after getting onto the trail -- 30 minutes after seeing the first wolf -- the group came upon the deer. There were no wolves in sight, and not much deer either.

"All the meat that we could have had was gone," said Saenger, who has been hunting since age 12. "I was happy because I felt I had taken a good shot and I think the deer went down from my shot, but then I was really mad that they had taken all the meat."

Suspecting the wolves were close by, and unsure how they might react if the hunters started hauling off canis lupus' cuisine, the hunters decided to leave their kill. "They got there first, there wasn't much left and we didn't know what they had done to the meat, so we just figured we'd leave whatever was left for them."

'What they had done to the meat'? Wolves are smart animals and all, but we doubt they did more than, you know, eat it.

And even if the wolves had only nibbled and left lots of venison for Jessica, you wouldn't really want to chow down on a pack of wild animals' sloppy seconds, would you?

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