Overheard: "They were size double-F and full of varicose veins."

Sunday evening around dusk at Lake Hiawatha, a young woman on a bike stops and asks a late-thirty-ish woman a question about the lake. "People swim in it, but it's contaminated," the woman tells the girl on the bike. "I was here with a friend not long ago, and we saw these giant, transparent pod things that had washed up on shore. They were this big around," she says, leaning forward and drawing imaginary circles on the bike path. Her heavily tanned arms make spheres the size of sledding saucers. "There were five of them," the woman says. "I've never seen anything like it. They looked like silicone implants. They were size double-F and full of varicose veins."

The woman on the bike nods, and then asks the woman what she thought she witnessed that day. "It was something crazy, that's for sure," the woman tells her. "The guy I was with, he just smiled like he knew." Like he knew what? the woman on the bike asks. "I have no idea," says the pod-spotter. "I guess I should've asked him."