Overheard: Joe Schmit's final wisecrack

Wednesday, 6:58 p.m., the Channel 5 studios somewhere in the Hubbard Empire complex on University Avenue, where Minneapolis meets St. Paul.

Longtime KSTP-TV sports guy and recent news anchor Joe Schmit is bidding an emotional adieu, leaving his job of 21 years for a gig with Petters Media & Marketing Group.

It's a surprisingly classy and heartfelt goodbye, and Schmit good-naturedly notes that tomorrow is the first day in two decades he won't have to wear make up.

But just as things start to get misty with TV-pals-'til-the-end Dave Dahl and Cyndy Brucato, and there are some uncomfortable displays of arm-patting, Schmit lets loose with a sinister one liner. "I'll just miss our little chat every day about the ratings," he says with a wry chuckle. "That's what I'm gonna miss."