Overheard: Goodman reads her own press

As part of a pre-election package, City Pages ran a story in October on Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Goodman. The gist of the story was that Goodman, who represents parts of downtown, as well as Lowry Hill and Kenwood, is a rather cutthroat politician: She's accrued a huge war chest to hold on to her Seventh Ward council seat, she's good at strong-arming votes she wants, and she's often brusque with folks around City Hall, including some of her council colleagues.

The story dubbed Goodman "The Diva of Downtown," and Second Ward Council member Paul Zerby noted that Goodman can sometimes "be a downright brat."

Goodman obviously noted the comment, if an exchange between the two at a City Council meeting on Wednesday is any indication. Zerby was going to vote for an amendment that he had some misgivings about, saying, "I'm learning to be a politician here and vote for it."

Goodman countered with her own support of the amendment, and noted with a smile: "And I'm saying this in the name of being a politician here, and not a brat."

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